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Anonymity in 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

A great podcast/presentation that has started to circulate around the blogosphere, about how the internet and the progress is affecting our anonymity.

Steve Rambam (who is/was a private investigator, and ironically looks very much like one, thou also like an italian mafia boss) takes on many interesting things in this 3 hour long talk, including
– What information we are putting in “The Database” ourselves and how the way people are disclosing information about themselves changed over the past 10 years.
– Just how much information does a mobile phone broadcast about its owner.
– How easy it is nowadays for a detective to find out anything about you without leaving his or her desk.
– What kind of databases are being put together, sold and used, and what kind of information can be found there.
– A couple of interesting sites for information hunting.

Interesting tips from Google

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I was stumbling around the net and came across a couple of videos from Google’s IOs. The IO-2010 was just a couple of days ago, and a lot of interesting things were said on it, but I also found many interesting videos from their previous IOs.

This particular one ( is back from 2008, and even thou the internet does evolve with the speed of an atomic bomb, most of what Marissa Mayer says in the video is still true in our days.

And most importantly, what she reveals in the video is not simply some specific tips about how to build great web applications, it is also about how Google operates to really come up with those ideas.

I guess you could say that the secret is trying to touch every knob of your website, change every variable, be it functional or plain aesthetic, and trying to see what effect it does on the user experience.