Bloom Editor

Bloom editor is a text editor in 3D with theme support and possibilities for unprecedented  eye-candy.

Editing of texts was one of the first tasks PCs were used for, and since the dawn of the digital era people were basically given the same interface as they are given right now: simply black text on white background.

The mentioned interface certainly serves it’s purpose, but for some people, especially those that spend most of their time editing texts, like any kinds of writers, it is important to make their work as enjoyable as possible. Bloom editor tries to do just that by replacing the standard black-on-white text editor look by a highly customizable, dynamic 3D image with rich effects. The goal is to nourish the creativity of writers by making words on the screen look like they are actually being created dynamically, rather than simply appearing on a white background.

Such an editor could be very difficult to write earlier, but right now most PCs have screens with high resolutions, capable of displaying more beautiful letters than an 8×8 grayscale-images, and graphic cards holding such power that they can easily render 3D polygon based letters without even heating up.

The editor is based on Ogre 3d engine, is written in C++, and as any other Ogre project, supports both OpenGL and DirectX as rendering platform.

The editor is currently in alpha-testing stage. First version will be for Microsoft Windows, but later ports to other platforms are possible.

The editor does have higher system requirements than Windows notepad for example, like a decent 3d-accelerated graphics card, but on the other hand, to even run latest windows versions to their fullest you do need a good 3d card, since 3d effects are nowadays being used to render the windows themselves.