Riot Automation Device

A platform for easily creating bots for any kind of activity on any website, like running arbitrary POST/GET requests, setting cookies, or running any javascript in the context of that website.

There are many solutions out there for creating such robots, and they all face similair problems, the most important being

1) since all websites are increasingly using AJAX and other JavaScript to do their tasks, it is not longer enough to just fetch an HTTP document and parse it. It needs to be actively loaded, eg, allowing all the JavaScript to run as it would normally if a real user would open website in a browser.

2) websites are trying to sort out the bots using various tricks, so bots have to be smart and advanced.

3) websites are changed often, so the bot has to be easily reprogrammable, so that if a change occurs in the target website, it would not take hours to make the bot work again.

Riot Automation Device offers a perfect solution for those and most of other problems that come up when you are trying to make a bot for online activity. Basically it uses a real firefox browser installation and is running inside it. On top of that platform, Riot Automation Device features a rich scripting language, which can be extended by including PHP code, which is both widely used and has implementations for all the possible platforms.

That way

1) since the website is run inside a real browser, all the JavaScript is run EXACTLY as it should. It is not even simulated, it is actually run in a browser. Firefox is used due to it being open source, but also because it is one of the mostly used browsers, and websites are almost guaranteed to work properly in it, with very few exceptions.

2) Since a real browser is fetching the page, it fetches all the other files like images and scripts also, and running those scripts, that way making it extremely difficult for target website to destinguish a real user and a Riot Automation Device bot.

3) Extensible scripting language provides ease of modifications to bots. For example, RAD can be used to run arbitrary JavaScript code in a context of a website, so it can call any functions defined in the website. To push a button you do not longer have to parse anything, you can just call a JavaScript function that button calls, or even use JQuery or any other library to actually call the event of a buttonclick.

RAD runs as an ordinary application on your PC. Both php and firefox are used, but own versions of those programs are installed, and they do not interfere with other installations of those programs on the same machine. The firefox is by default configured to be hidden while operating, so while the bot is running, you will never notice it.

The API of the engine is written in PHP, so even if the built-in scripting language will not be enough, you could easily extend your bots with the full power of PHP.

For more information about demos and purchasing the Riot Automation Device please contact us.