Rating Riot

Rating Riot is a tool for automatic vote exchange.

Many bloggers submit their articles to social bookmarking services, like Digg, StumbleUpon or Delicious. In there, every article receives votes, and the more votes it receives, the more traffic it gets. Basically, if you have a lot of friends that will vote for your article, it will get high up and even more people will read it.

Using Rating Riot, everybody can do just that, by automatic exchange of votes between the members of the Riot.

The software runs in background, on Windows or in Wine, accepting votes and going by itself to the above mentioned websites to give votes to other members’ articles from your account.

The software is written in PHP and C++. The two main difficulties were an engine that would keep track of who voted for who, and a reliable way to automatically “talk” to social bookmarking platforms without any human interaction. The development of the second task even gave birth to another project: Riot Automation Device, which is a platform for automating of any website activity without human interaction. For example, you could easily make a script that goes to your webmail, logs in, checks for new mail, and if there are any new mails from a specific address, notifies you using an online SMS-service, by going to that service’s website and sending a message, all done inside the program, completely automatic. (Read more about Riot Automation Device).

Rating Riot now runs online in a BETA stage, and can be found on www.ratingriot.com.